Happy new year

Happy new year. It’s 2021. I know it’s late. Sorry. Well was 16 in April 5th which was last week Monday. Finally. Want to also say happy birthday to those born in the month of April 🎂💞


God closed a door on me once so I told

him to close the window too cause I’m

turning on the AC.

Simply means don’t allow life to

control you rather you should control



People complain about the life they

are living and wish they could switch

their lives with others but they don’t

even know if that other person has

been blown by strong winds and

their past is complicated…. So learn

to live your life peacefully and be



We all pass through storms in life but

it’s left to us to decide if we want to

give up or keep moving on and pass

through the storm and come out


10 Things You Don’t Know Meee

Hi guys. Today I’m going to list out at

least ten things u don’t know about

I’m an Aries, who is one of the zodiac signs (will talk about that another day).
I love chocolate cakes😋
I like painting especially landscape
I also like baking cakes
I love reading novels and like to write( sometimes)
I’m an outgoing person,an extrovert and love socializing with people
My fav color is red and blue but mostly red
Love making new friends
I can sing and I like dancing(sometimes)
Well now you know at least ten things

about me. You can write ten things

about you in the comment section


My First Blog

Hello to all my viewers out there. I’m Brianna but you can address me as Anna. I’m 14 yrs old and I love reading novels,like painting,and baking and the rest just like every other teenagers

I decided to start a blog in order to express my ideas and also explore what lies ahead… I don’t really want to be a blogger but I just decided to try it out because of the passion I have for reading and writing of novels.

I’m going to try my best to make what I do here exciting, fun and lively…. Something we can all talk about together….. Well that’s all for today.